Frenzy Polish Spring 2015 Collection Swatches & Review!

Today we are reviewing a newer indie, Frenzy Polish. This is a huge Spring collection, and I’ve already been rambling, so lets get into the swatches.  There are a lot of photos, so if you are on mobile, I apologize for the possible longer loading times! 

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Elastics for When You’re Finally Resigned to Ponytails

I have always dreamed of being one of those women who wields a curling iron and a blow dryer expertly and ends up with fabulously styled hair that hangs down beautifully, but the reality is that I have almost no patience for fussing with my hair. Plus, I prefer to have it off my face, […]

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A History of Makeup

If you spend a lot of time perusing various makeup-related forums, you’ll most likely see your share of people posting various combinations of red lips with winged black eyeliner and calling the look “retro.” These people are (mostly) incorrect. While red lips and winged liner are iconic – and do have their place in makeup […]

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Accessorizing and Accentuating Your Permanent Makeup!

So you’ve chosen permanent cosmetics, the makeup that lasts forever! We’re sure that now that you have taken this colorful step, you want to show it off! Because who wouldn’t? So we’ve got a few style tips that can really help you to accentuate your permanent makeup! 1. Eyebrows If you’re looking to put more focus […]

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Caring For Your New Eyelashes

Tips for applying mascara to your new eyelashes A dab of eyeliner and a touch of mascara are beautiful makeup additions on the lower lashes to create a more balanced appearance for an otherwise top heavy look with longer and thicker extension lengths and widths. It is never advised to use waterproof mascara or other […]

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Teeth Whitening Without Any Hassle

Some simple steps in your daily life to help with teeth whitening Hav­ing white teeth is b­eco­ming mo­re and more i­mportant in life. Many pe­ople try differ­ent techniqu­es to achi­eve­ thei­r go­al of whiter teeth. Th­ere are many teeth whit­ening options avai­lable ­and you sho­u­ld consider a­ll of yo­ur o­ptions before committing to one­. This […]

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Get More Time in the Morning with Permanent Makeup

Skip your daily makeup routine and get some extra time in your day with a permanent makeup application. We could all use an extra 15 minutes in the morning to work on our hair, tackle the commute, or to just hit the snooze button one more time. A great solution to your morning time rush […]

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  • Amy D. – Chico, CA
    I still don’t know how you were able to get such a thin line in my lashes. I am loving my eyeliner.

  • Natalie C. – Paradise, CA
    It’s true that if you have ever had a cold sore or fever blister – even if you were only 5 years old the last time you had one – you better get your Zovirex or Valtrex Rx from a doc before getting your lips done. I learned my lesson after the first procedure and lost some pigment, but at Everlasting Beauty, I was able to the missing areas filled in, and now my lips are flush with healthy, rosy color, and it looks like it is just part of my own skin.

  • Julie S. – Chico, CA
    Years before I came to Everlasting Beauty, I had my brows done, and whatever the lady used to numb it didn’t work. It was like torture, and I almost couldn’t finish the procedure. But at my free consultation, the CPCP at Everlasting Beauty suggested I have my doctor’s office call in a prescription for generic EMLA cream at the pharmacy before I got my brows’ color retouched, and I barely felt a thing. The difference was night and day.

  • Beth Anne T. – Magalia, CA
    I found Everlasting Beauty permanent makeup clinic years ago for a color correction for brows that had faded after seven years, and I couldn’t find the original lady who did them. I chose her because her credentials and continuing education in her field set her apart from everyone else in the area who is doing permanent cosmetics. I recommend her to anyone, near or far.

  • Patricia L. – Redding, CA
    I am from Redding, but I still chose Everlasting Beauty because of the credentials and extensive training attained by the CPCP. It was worth the drive.