Lash Extensions vs. Latisse, Part 2

Lash Extensions are prettier, more affordable, and even safer than results obtained by prescription lash growth serums like Latisse. Latisse, not only causes numerous, undesirable, adverse side effects- but the results are weak, unpredictable and homely when compared to those of properly applied, professional grade eyelash extensions. Just look at before and after pictures of both lash products. Visibly, eyelash extensions create fuller, longer, symmetrically voluptuous lashes, and lash serum creates uneven, asymmetrical, spidery and spindly lashes.

Want numbers? Lash extensions are bigger and cheaper than Latisse. At best, Latisse promises about 106% increase in lash growth after 16 weeks of use, that’s about double what you started with. At $120 for a one-month supply, Latisse will cost you $480, and you have to keep using it to maintain the results. A full set of eyelash extensions will immediately increase your lashes by 300%-500%, depending on the widths and lengths of extensions used. Not only that- but the average cost of a full set of upper eyelid lash extensions ranges from $100-$150. Lash extensions will last as long as the growth cycle of the natural lash to which it is applied, which is about two months, and fill-ins at three to four week cycles are recommended to keep up with new growth as old lashes are shed, and usually cost anywhere from $30-$60. Lash extensions are the wiser economic choice than Latisse.

Lash extensions are safe and Latisse has many scary, permanent side effects. When properly applied by an experienced technician, lash extensions will cause zero damage to a client’s own natural lashes. As long as the lashes are separate, and as long as the client refrains from pulling or tugging at her lash extensions, the follicle remains intact and the hair that grows from it will be as virgin as the driven snow by the time the extended lash is shed. However, Latisse causes permanent, irreversible skin darkening on the eyelids, as well as dark pigment deposits in the iris- that is the colored part of the eye! Also, it causes excess hair growth in unwanted areas, such as the upper cheeks, around the eyelids and into the eyebrows! Hey- I thought we were trying to be more feminine here by lengthening and thickening our lashes- not trying to do a sasquatch impersonation!

So there you have it. The results are in and lash extensions win! Extensions are prettier, less expensive, safer and quicker than those pathetic little results Latisse yields. Not only that, but if you get the glossy black, curled lashes, you wake up looking as if you already have mascara, only every lash is separate from the other- a look you will never achieve with mascara on natural lashes unless you pick through them with a tiny needle, and who has time for that?

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  • Amy D. – Chico, CA
    I still don’t know how you were able to get such a thin line in my lashes. I am loving my eyeliner.

  • Natalie C. – Paradise, CA
    It’s true that if you have ever had a cold sore or fever blister – even if you were only 5 years old the last time you had one – you better get your Zovirex or Valtrex Rx from a doc before getting your lips done. I learned my lesson after the first procedure and lost some pigment, but at Everlasting Beauty, I was able to the missing areas filled in, and now my lips are flush with healthy, rosy color, and it looks like it is just part of my own skin.

  • Julie S. – Chico, CA
    Years before I came to Everlasting Beauty, I had my brows done, and whatever the lady used to numb it didn’t work. It was like torture, and I almost couldn’t finish the procedure. But at my free consultation, the CPCP at Everlasting Beauty suggested I have my doctor’s office call in a prescription for generic EMLA cream at the pharmacy before I got my brows’ color retouched, and I barely felt a thing. The difference was night and day.

  • Beth Anne T. – Magalia, CA
    I found Everlasting Beauty permanent makeup clinic years ago for a color correction for brows that had faded after seven years, and I couldn’t find the original lady who did them. I chose her because her credentials and continuing education in her field set her apart from everyone else in the area who is doing permanent cosmetics. I recommend her to anyone, near or far.

  • Patricia L. – Redding, CA
    I am from Redding, but I still chose Everlasting Beauty because of the credentials and extensive training attained by the CPCP. It was worth the drive.

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